Common Questions on Winter Roofing

How is roofing work done in the winter and can it be done well? This is a common question and because Holland Roofing has been replacing roofs year round for 20 years, we are asked about this often.

Shingles do need a certain temperature to seal. Most manufactures expect to see the roofing shingles seal at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the tacky tar strip that is already on the shingle, seal the shingles down to each other. However for colder installs and roofs in high wind areas, a process called hand sealing or hand tabbing is recommended. This can get expensive because the roof installers will add a rubber modified tar sealant to the underside of each and every shingle. The great thing about the winter specials is that this service is offered for free.

Another concern regarding winter roofing is the snow and ice removal from the roof. Generally a standard residential snow removal will cost between $350 to $800. The winter special offers this service for free.

A very common question is “what happens if it starts to snow?” This weather condition has the same action as when it starts to rain during the summer. Protect the home, the materials and the installers and only continue if it is a workable situation. If the weather is poor, we simply wait a day or two until it clears up. It is actually even easier to deal with snow fall than it is to manage rain fall during a roof replacement. Snow falls slower than rain and is simply easier to remove from the roof.

Holland Roofing offers winter roofing discounts and has been roofing year round for over 20 years. The main reason we do this is for our employees. Having year round installers guarantees we have better people who are not seasonal or temporary workers. Our commitment to our people and our customers is what makes Holland Roofing stand out from the competition.

If a roofing project is not suitable for a winter install, our estimator will make that clear. However, if it is an option, the winter specials have had great success and may save you money and headache. Call us Holland Roofing 907-344-9911