Choosing a Roofing Contractor

How to choose the right contractor for your roofing project can be challenging but can also be a simple task with the right check list. Below is a list of items to confirm before signing a contract. 

1. Licensed, Bonded & Insured. This item seems like a no brainer, however in Anchorage alone, over half the roofing contractors do not have current specialty or general contractors licensing or a municipal license and many are not properly insured. You can check these sites to confirm licensing  and A certificate of insurance, workers compensation and contractors bond should be an easy item for any contractor to email to you.

2. Communication. When you call for your roofing estimate did you speak to a human? Are your messages or emails returned within 24 hours? Did you receive your roofing quote within a good time frame and did it make sense? Are you able to meet with the estimator or office staff to go over your project? Good communication speaks volumes as to how the actual job will be completed.

3. Reputation. Choosing a local contractor with a long standing, good reputation is a must. You can do research on to see how many law suits a company has had. You can check with BBB to confirm good standing. A contractor with deep roots in your local community wants to maintain a steady flow of good referrals. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for this contractor. Holland Roofing begin 21 years ago, in 1996.

4. Fair price. If your contractor has their ducks in a row, good communication and a good reputation, the price is going to be fair. They know the market, the competition and value customer service and referrals. The beauty of price shopping is that most roofing contractors offer free quotes so lining up a price comparison is not difficult. However, comparing the quality of service and workmanship you will receive is the real task. 

5. Certified Installers. Contractors that have the manufacturers seal of approval are rare. They care about training their employees and understanding the warranties on the products they offer. Holland Roofing is certified with the following manufacturers: Malarkey Roofing, Certainteed, Owens Corning, Johns Mansville and Duro-Last.