Fire & Roofing

Anchorage is currently filled with the smell of nearby forest fires at Mchugh Creek. As roofing contractors, we felt it may be helpful to address fire rating in the roofing materials we install. 

There are some obvious roofs to avoid in regards to roofing, hand-split cedar shakes, wood shingles, masonite wood roofing. Even fire treated wood roofing materials rarely achieve a Class C rating, which is unfortunate because chemically treating the wood over doubles the price. Many of the homes in the Potters Marsh area have wood shingles but over the years, due to this concern and several home insurance companies, Holland Roofing has been installing a heavy duty designer shingle called the Presidential and the Windsor.

When looking at roofing with the best fire rating, look for a class A. The obvious chose for fire resistant materials are tile, metal, and slate roofing. These however are more expensive than asphalt and the tile and slate is avoided in Alaska because of the snow loads. Many shingles that are installed with the proper underlayments will offer this rating but a standing seam metal roof is the best option for fire resistance. Metal is unfortunately, not the best option for the design of most homes.

Regardless of the roof material on your home there are some steps that will keep your home safer. Homeowners should remove dead trees from their property and keep tree branches trimmed and away from the roof. Not only do the branches scratch and damage roofing materials, if they catch fire they can ignite the building.  Keep the roof gutters and drains clear of leaves as dry plant debris. Also consider having multiple garden hoses that are long enough to reach around your property fully. Be prepared and do your research. Your home is more than just a place you live.