High Winds and Hand Tabbing / Hand Sealing

In April 2016 the wind zone speeds were increased once again. So the question posed now is how we meet the wind speed requirements when there are no shingles, shakes or metal panels that meet these new wind speed requirements.


The municipality will state that when it comes to residential roofing they are only looking for the ASTM data. Unfortunately, this would allow shingles with even lower wind warranties than were allowed several years ago and they do not come anywhere near the wind speeds we see each year.


All the shingle roofing materials that Holland Roofing installs are designed for high winds, installed with 6 nails and are self-sealing. An additional step to purchasing the right product is to hand seal the shingles with additional sealant for areas that are extremely windy. Wasilla, East Anchorage, Hillside, Bear Valley and many other areas of town receive wind gusts that exceed 100 miles per hour, almost every year. 


Hand sealing involves adding extra adhesive under each shingle tab. With this method the shingles are not only nailed and secured with the manufacturers seal strip, but also secured with extra adhesive. The manufacturers recommend hand sealing on steep sloped roofs and in colder temperatures. We at Holland Roofing have found that regardless of the slope or season of the roof replacement, hand sealing can make a big difference in preventing the shingles from being blown off during wind storms. 

If you live in a windy area or your neighborhood has experienced wind damage in the past, installing a heavier shingle with an enhanced wind warranty and hand tabbing is a recommended.