Wind Damage


After a wind storm, you may notice roof damage, torn or missing shingles or shingles on the ground around your property. This can result in leaking and serious water damage, which can lead to mold and wood rot. Repairing wind damage quickly is the best solution. When you are ready to replace the roof always consider the wind warranty of the new system. 

Leak Repairs

Holland Roofing provides free roof repair estimates and can generally determine the cause of the roof leak. Our inspector will let you know if the roof is extremely old or beyond repair and in need of replacement.

Roof leaks present multiple challenges for homeowners. They never occur at a time which is convenient and they can lead to significant damage to the interior of your home. Their effects can be much worse than the drywall or paint repairs and may have caused damage to the insulation and mold growth.

Locating the source of a roof leak is not an exact science. It is a process of elimination due to the fact that a roof leak may have several contributing factors. It may not always be the direct result of one specific problem associated with your roof. It is recommended that the homeowner attempt to rule out other causes for leaks before calling a roofing contractor. These causes may include: Plumbing leaks, Air conditioning leaks, Condensation, Pest infestation or glaciation. If it is not raining and it looks like your roof is leaking it is most likely not an issue with the roofing material and more of a design issue or other concern.

Moss and Algae on Roofs

Moss & Algae on the roof is not only unattractive, it also hold moisture on the roof that will age and damage the roofing material. Holland Roofing offers moss removal service that starts at $350. For an exact price contact us 907-344-9911