Tips for Decorating Your House

Its’s that time of year! The time to get lights displayed, both elegantly & safely. So before you go all Clark Griswold on your house, Holland Roofing would like to share a few tips to prevent damage to your roof:

1.)    Call that Friend Who Owes You a Favor
Maybe they owe you for babysitting, maybe you gave them a ride? It’s good to have another person around to help carry things, help mount clips, hold the ladder, or worst case scenario: call for help in case of an emergency or injury. A second person is always good.

 2.)    Oh the Shock!
You will want to make sure all of your lights & extension cords work properly before you start hanging them. They need to be plugged into the right outlets & be sure you’re not overloading the breaker. Also, if you are displaying inflatable items please remember to keep Yoda & Rudolph away from power lines.

3.)    Shingles Have Feelings Too
Do NOT nail the lights into your shingles! Small holes in your shingles can cause damage by letting moisture in & rotting your roof. Trees tend to be the best candidate for lights. But if you’re wanting lights on your house or your yard is treeless, invest in clips that can be hung on gutters & eaves.

4.)    Don’t be that “One House”
You know the house, their Christmas lights are still up in the middle of June. Just like hanging lights properly, removing them the right way makes a difference. It is recommended that you don’t pull the lights down by the cord, this can end up damaging your gutters & shingles. No one wants damaged gutters or shingles or Christmas lights up in the middle of June.

We all can’t be as talented as Snoopy when it comes to Christmas lights. So if you’re feeling a little intimidated by that ladder or if you’re not great at decorating, call someone who can make your house look fabulous.